Crypto Exchange Marketing Tactics Flow Chart

I made this ‘Crypto Exchange Marketing’ flowchart to give macro view into how marketing for crypto exchange looks like. It might be useful for marketers or entrepreneurs who want to start own exchange and just want a glimpse into its marketing framework.

This starts with intent, some customers have lot of exchanges so they have plenty of choices then there are users with hardly few options; the intent of these two user personas and what they want will drive your strategy and offer to reach your final goal (e.g. deposit fees).

You would like to make your exchange most appealing for the customer, this is where message, channel and reach (e.g. search impression share) comes into play.

The most important part of this puzzle are message, offer, registration, capital inflow, churn rate, goals (metrics, fees, ARPU (average revenue per user)).

Few of the goals and metrics to pay attention to are registration rate (% of total visitors who registered), but more importantly the KYC conversion rate. Many times people who register but doesn’t do KYC which ultimately leads to higher capital inflow and deposits helping overall ARPU. Definitely regulations and terms play huge role.

Last but not the least, as you can always add more inputs, data points, marketing channels to make it more suitable for you. The user feedback (either submitted themselves or you collected through different mediums) and integrating it in your exchange, offer, or marketing are must-to-haves that will shape overall success.


crypto exchange marketing strategy flowchart

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