Ecommerce Training Karachi

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\This course is designed considering whatever you need to succeed in the world of ecommerce business. This course is best for Internet marketers, small business owners, content writers, facebook page owners and freelancers. From knowing your audience to display the products they want; from marketing on social media to promoting on search engines, this course have it all. How people purchase products is changing the retail business fast and now is the time to get the grip of what makes the next big ecommerce startup, learn all the recipes of making your ecommerce venture successful.

Briefly, in this course you will learn what are the best ecommerce platforms, how to choose an ecommerce platform that is perfect for your business, how does ecommerce business work, what are the best ecommerce web design and development practices, what does ecommerce agencies do and how can you do the same, how to design an ecommerce strategy, how to write great content for ecommerce blog, some case studies about ecommerce, what are the ecommerce regulations, what types of web hosting services are there and whether you need cloud hosting for your ecommerce, what is the difference b/w ecommerce CMS like magento and ecommerce platform services like shopify and how to perform keyword research for your ecommerce business.

Fees: 10,000 PKR
Duration: 20 hours (3 Days)

What is ecommerce?
What is ecommerce marketing?
How to create your first ecommerce store?
Options available to create your own ecommerce store.
Decide what to sell
Prepare a business plan
Ecommerce business models and concepts
Ecommerce infrastructure on Web and Mobile
Ecommerce security and payment systems
Ecommerce SEO
Ecommerce Social Media Marketing
Ecommerce Advertising
Creating content for Ecommerce

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