SEM/PPC/Google AdWords Training Karachi

If you don’t already know, SEM stands for ‘Search Engine Marketing’, and PPC means ‘Pay Per Click’. There’s a very small different between SEM and PPC, and Google AdWords is a tool used to conduct Search Engine Marketing, and PPC is used while buying ad placements online.

When you buy ads on the Internet, it is totally different from the way you buy ad placements offline in print or outdoor media. When you buy ads online it goes through auction and algorithms when you decide how much you would like to pay for your ad and how you would like to pay e.g. you can pay per click, or you can pay per conversion, or you can pay by CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

The opportunities in SEM/PPC are enormous, that’s the reason why seasoned marketers are learning this to gain a competitive advantage in Sales and Marketing.

In this SEM/PPC Training Course in Karachi you will learn fundamentals, as well as advanced topics in Google AdWords that will excel your organization growth.

After completing this Google AdWords Training Course in Karachi you will become Expert and be able to confidently strategize and implement Advertising campaigns online.

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