10 Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange list you can use to trade

Lot of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges have been hacked in the past. Are you looking for better alternatives where your investment is safer?

Recently a big wave of decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges have come across. Will this wave sweep the centralized exchanges away from the mainstream? Well, one day it might will – if it can be proven as more secure than conventional centralized exchanges and as reliable and easy as centralized exchanges then that day is not far when everyone will be using decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.

We use Decentralized currency on centralized websites – sounds like an oxymoron, right? Decentralized websites, at the moment, might not be as easy as it’s counterpart because if they were then whole system how things on internet work now will change. Decentralized technologies are taking small steps but will learn to fly soon. It’s client/server model vs P2P.

Let’s wait and see how this journey goes. Meanwhile, try to get hands on experience on these decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, if you got the hang of it then you’d spend more time doing trading on de-ex (decentralized exchanges) then ce-ex(centralized exchanges). Some people might find decentralized exchanges difficult to work with so it will take some time to work around these exchanges.

These are the decentralized exchanges that are worth trying. Do try these exchanges and let our readers know how it is so they can learn from your valuable experience.

1- Etherdelta
Etherdelta probably have the most number of cryptocurrencies available. More than 300 cryptocurrencies

It has a total volume of above 1,135 BTC which is pretty good.

2- Crypto-bridge.org
The CryptoBridge exchange with its graphene can process more than 100,000 transactions per second with average confirmation time of only 3 seconds.

Cryptobridge have more than 68 coins listed and have volume of 140 BTC.

3- Wavesplatform.com
Waves decentralized exchange (DEX) is still in the beta phase but it has a pretty neat user interface that is completely usable. Waves also have a cryptocurrency. Their DEX is built using waves blockchain. Here, you can trade using BTC/ETC/ZCL/LTC and many other coins.

On Waves DEX, the volume is usually above 1500 BTC which is pretty good for DEX.

Waves have 72 cryptocurrencies listed on it.

4- OpenLedger.io
OpenLedger uses BitShare’s graphene technology to provide its services

Here, you can trade more than 120 cryptocurrencies and the total volume is more than 300 BTC.

5- Bisq(BitSquare)
Bisq has 12 cryptos listed and has volume of 1.92 BTC.

6- Stellar DEX
Stellar’s DEX have 12 cryptocurrencies with a total volume of 123 BTC.

7- Bancor
Bancor have 26 coins listed with daily total volume of more than 200 BTC.

8- BarterDEX
It has more than 12 coins listed and total volume is 0.52 BTC.
Counterparty DEX
It has 8 coins listed and liquidity is pretty low at o.56 BTC.
9- Altcoin.io (LAUNCHING EARLY 2018)

10- district0x (coming soon)