About Me

It’s been 12 years I am into marketing. I am obsessed with methods, frameworks, processes and methodologies. I also have 30,000+ students I teach marketing. 

What can I do for you?

I can listen to your marketing challenges and show you the path. 

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Some Extra Information you might wanna read.

Did you know? SEO, Ads, Social media, Content Email marketing is all part of digital marketing?

I like to grow your business using the power of digital marketing and analytics while sharing valuable knowledge with my clients like training them on the go

My archetypes and customised strategy is a fit for all


All businesses and products are different, even if they are in the same niche. So your business USPs are different and the audience understands this; do you think your market is saturated or you’ve been trying to figure out your user funnel?

I help you to grow your business.


Let’s talk about SEO

You are getting 500 visitors daily, but your customers get 100 visitors. But what about the number of sales, your customer gets 20, while you get 5.

Is it not about conversion rate as your primary KPI or increasing SEO efforts matter?

You need to answer these questions before you delve deeper into SEO.

This doesn’t mean SEO isn’t important; it definitely is. Especially if you monetize it differently.

I will give you clarity about brining your overall KPIs into performance.

As your digital marketing expert, my job is to get your sales and revenue running through omnichannel strategies. 

If you need a clear digital roadmap, with a team who can run your marketing on their own, then you can contact me.


Let’s talk about Paid Advertising.

Again, same question arises; how well are doing is also depends on your KPI and performance metrics.

Your goal would be to reduce your Cost per acquisition (new customer).  

If you are running ecommerce; for Mobile Apps, it probably would be Cost per install.  

If you already have good number of customers on ecommerce, then you need to find out if you are using existing database efficiently.  

I answer these basic questions, and then take you towards strategy to make full use of your resources.