What is ALEPH.im coin, should I buy it?

Aleph.im coin has a symbol of ALEPH. Are you thinking about buying it or not? Is it a good coin or not? Does it fulfill any utility or not? This shall answer your questions.

Aleph is a minable coin just like bitcion and uses PoW (proof of work) system.

It has a current supply of 182,631,899.20 ALEPH while max supply will be 500,000,000.

It is among the penny coins so far. It has 22,763 followers on coinmarketcap, ethereum has 2.4 million, just to compare.

You can buy ALEPH on kucoin.

It is an open-source crosschain network using decentralized database for file storage, computing, and a decentralized identity (DID) framework.

Its core mission is to help decentralized apps and protocols achieve fully decentralized architecture.

Aleph.im is said to be AWS or firebase of decentralized ecosystem.

What makes ALEPH.im different

  • Mixture of onchain and offchain decentralized technologies
  • Great thing is it is already connected with leading blockchain projects such as polkadot, binancechain, cosmos, ethereum.
  • ShuttleFlow Cross-Chain Asset Bridge
  • It implements channel mechanism that allows sharding. Think it as dedicated cloud clusters.
  • Capable of processing 3,000–6,000 transactions per second (TPS)

Products already built on Aleph

  • Staking DApp used for staking
  • Personal Storage DApp to keep files and data
  • Blogging DApp (testnet)
  • Web host The website of aleph.im is hosted on Aleph network itself

Buy Aleph or not?

The tech being made and used is excellent, depending on adaption from the users be it developers or actual users will also decide its overall value. Consider it as 10/100 of portfolio. Looks to be a long term holding but keep an eye on developments.

Tech: Excellent
HDOL: Positive
Team: Good
Use cases: Multiple

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