What is DERO coin, should I buy this altcoin?

Do you ask questions like is DERO a good coin? Should I invest in DERO cryptocurrency? Is DERO blockchain technology different? This shall answers your questions.

DERO cryptocurrency has same symbol as its name ‘DERO’.

It has its own native blockchain.

It has current supply of 11,052,608.00 DERO, maximum supply will be 18,400,000 DERO.

It has 13,909 followers on coinmarketcap.  Ethereum has 2.4 million.

You can buy DERO on kucoin.

What makes DERO different?

  • first idea to combine proof-of-work blockchain with a DAG block structure
  • makes traditional 51% attacks impossible
  • It was designed focus on the technology first, before focusing on marketing
  • first blockchain to have complete SSL in the peer-to-peer layer

Buy DERO or not?

If you are interested in original blockchain built from the scratch then it is a project that should excite you. If its adaption increases then the coin price will go up also.

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