What is DIVI coin, should i buy it?

Are you asking questions like what is DIVI coin? is it a good investment? Does it fulfill any purpose? This shall answer your questions.

DIVI cryptocurrency name and symbol is same ‘DIVI’. The project website says its mission is ‘Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of digital currencies’.

DIVI has 18,578 followers on coinmarketcap, ethereum has 2.4 million just for comparison.

You can buy DIVI on binance.

DIVI is mineable just like bitcoin. DIVI has intuitive Smart Wallet. Divi users can set up a masternode to help secure the Divi ecosystem just like mining.

It has circulation of 2.64B DIVI, max supply is unknown.

Geoff McCabe, DIVI’s CEO also works at NFT based media company that uses DIVI as primary payment method.

DIVI started as ERC 20 token but moved to its own native blockchain in 2018.

Use case: Average
Long term holding: Average
Tech: Average

Buy DIVI or not?

If you are more into native blockchains be a good long term investment for you. Consider it 5/100 of your portfolio strategy. Be cautious and watchout for latest developments but this look to be a crypto that people hold at least 5 months.

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