What is Electroneum coin? Should I buy it?

Electroneum coin has a symbol of ETN. Are you thinking about buying it or not? Is it a good coin or not? Does it fulfill any utility or not? This shall answer your questions.

ETN is a minable coin just like bitcion. It has a current supply of 17,908,499,834, max supply will be 21,000,000,000.

It is among the penny coins so far. It has On 65,225 followers on coinmarketcap, ethereum has 2.4 million, just to compare.

You can buy ETN on kucoin and huobi.

What makes ETN different

  • It is a mobile phone based crypto platform
  • It offers instant payouts
  • the idea is to provide banking to the unbanked
  • says to done crypto transactions in seconds
  • Electroneum has mobile app used for mining ETN coins.

ETN was initially built on Monero blockchain then moved to moderated proof-of-responsibility (PoR) blockchain in Q2 of 2019.

Buy ETN or not?

Considering the promising idea and team, it looks like a decent investment. Not difficult to take it like 3/100 of your portfolio strategy.

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