What is ERGO (ERG) cryptocurrency, should i buy it?

Are you asking questions what is ERGO cryptocurrency? Should I buy it? Is it backed by a good technology and usecases?

ERGO has its own digital wallet.

What ERGO says about itself

Ergo builds advanced cryptographic features and radically new DeFi functionality on the rock-solid foundations laid by a decade of blockchain theory and development.

You can buy ERGO on kucoin.

It’s Proof‐of‐Work (“PoW”) algorithm is called Autolykos. It uses original Asic and Pool‐resistant PoW.

What makes ERGO different:

  • Ergo is extending Bitcoin’s way of writing contracts by attaching a protecting script
  • ERGO calls itself Contractual Money for Ergs and secondary tokens are bounded by a contract
  • It is a mineable crypto, you can setup a node and start making Ergo
  • Ergo has a strictly limited supply, an 8‐year emission schedule


Buy ERGO or not?

  • Technology: Positive
  • Adaption: Average
  • Usecase: Above average
  • Hold: Long term

ERGO looks to be a 5/100 of portfolio strategy. But, look out on the adaption rate, and can increase holding and overall strategy.

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