What is NKN? Should I buy NKN coin?

NKN, that also has same NKN symbol.

NKN is a minable coin.

It has a circulation supply of 700,000,000.00 NKN, total supply will be 1,000,000,000.
NKN claims itself as ‘Infrastructure for a decentralized internet’.

NKN is a peer to peer network. It uses economic incentive for users to share their unused bandwidth.

In the NKN ecosystem there are two solutions.

i) nMobile

ii) nConnect

NKN claims to be “Zero Server:  Fully peer to peer and decentralized, with no need to develop and run centralized servers.”

Developers can use NKN SDK (software development kit) to build apps on javascript, golang, C++, Python, Java, Android/iOS.

You can buy NKN on binance, huobi, and kucoin.


I think the NKN coin has been very consistent in 2021, with votaility but not as much considerably 30% which is something called consitent in crypto space. If you are an avid investor in technology with huge SDK. Look for existing apps using this platform and launched few apps then you should get into NKN coin. But think about 3/100 of your portfolio.

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