What is Syscoin? Should I buy it?

Syscoin has a symbol of SYS.

It has On 156,595 followers on coinmarketcap, ethereum has 2.4 million just for comparison.

Current total supply of syscoin is 625,975,494, max supply will be 888,000,000.

Syscoin calls itself 

The best of Bitcoin and Ethereum in one place

Syscoin combines the best of both worlds to bring you a network to build the most secure, reliable, and fastest Web 3.0 applications.

It is built with the same EVM (ethereum virtual machine) tools that developers are already using.

Developers can kickstart their projects on Syscoin easily using its Layer 1 NEVM backed by backed by Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work security. As of now Syscoin seems to be among the best penny coins.

Should I buy syscoin?

Considering the promising idea and documentation along with infrastructure that syscoin has provided it looks like a good coin to invest in but with caution. Keep eye on features being rolled out, adaptability from the customers. Consider this 10/100 of portfolio. Given the nature of these coins, people hold it for longer period from 5 months to 2 years so plan your investment accordingly.

You can buy syscoin on binance.

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