What is Zenon (ZNN), should I buy it?

Zenon has symbol of ZNN.

It has 7,102,886 max supply, current supply is 6,330,750.42 ZNN.

Zenon is a digital coin that runs on the blockchain as a decentralized peer-to-peer system. Zenon is a proof of stake cryptocurrency, which means that you earn Zenon by holding Zenon. You can earn rewards by simply leaving your Zenon in your Zenon wallet and allowing it to stake. The more Zenon that you hold the more often you will earn rewards.
The more Zenon coins that you have, the better the rewards you will earn and the faster you will earn them. If you want to earn more rewards faster, you will need to have a lot of zenon at staking.

You can buy zenon on pancakeswap. It uses binancechain.


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