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What is Revenue Marketing? How does it help my online business? Learn from Digital Revenue Marketing Consultant Expert, Why do I need one?

What is Revenue Marketing?

To put it simply, it’s about Marketing focused on increasing your Revenue like Sales and Leads that brings you ROI (Return on Investment). Your business could be eCommerce site, You need Leads, or need Website Visitors.

What does revenue marketing framework achieves?

  • Suppose you need to build sales pipeline with marketing qualified leads (MQL)
  • Increasing sales conversion rates, and improving your sales funnel
  • Finding the best performance metrics and connect it with your goals

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What is Revenue Marketing in eCommerce and why should I hire you?

If you are running an ecommerce business online, it could be any platform; but suppose you get 500 visitors every day and you want to increase number of visitors.

The question is how much value are you getting from your existing visitors; are you getting cart dropouts, does people buy?

These are the questions before you spend to increase visitors, unless your goal is to increase subscribers not sales and revenue.

These basic questions will build your path towards revenue marketing. Starting from basic questions then moving towards your Key Performance Indictors that built that sales cycle or your monetization model.

What is Mobile Apps Revenue Marketing and why should I hire you?

As a mobile app publisher, you have different goals starting from new installs to retaining them and increase LTV based on your monetization model is it advertising, or is it in-app purchases or is it monthly subscription?

Revenue Marketing Expert will tell you if your strategy is following the path to your KPIs and monetization, bringing clarity to the path in your customer journey.

If you have huge number of users, and you follow the monetization model then it’s important to retain users before going to additional steps.

If you have huge number of users but no sales or in app purchases then you need to find out if the audience is joining from the correct platform.

These are the questions that Revenue Marketing Expert will answer and create a viable strategy that follows your customer journey, user intent, and increase overall LTV and ROI.

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