How to allocate budget for Restaurant Marketing?

Are you thinking what should be the budget of your restaurant marketing campaign? How much to allocate for each marketing channel? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Some restaurants are take away and delivery only, some do all, dine-in, take-away and delivery.

This restaurant marketing budget guide is built in the perspective that you will be able to implement it in any scenario regardless of your restaurant business model, and whether you sell Thai food or continental, or run a food stall but dreaming big.

First, I’ll highly suggest you to do all the marketing channels but narrow down your focus on 1 or only few. Spend more on your strengths and less on where you think you don’t have much to offer.

There’s a saying that “if you are not everywhere, you’re not anywhere”, take this advise with grain of salt, but nevertheless it matters.

If you can easily record and edit videos, then focus on YouTube. If you are good at photography, then focus on insta and facebook. Spend money on ads if you have consistent supply of funds.

If I had $1000 every month, this is how I would spend it on restaurant digital marketing strategy.

  • SEO = $200
  • PPC:  $400
  • Social media: $100
  • Content marketing: $100
  • Email marketing: $100
  • Content creation: $100


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