Components of a great Sales page

Sales page is one of the most important part of your overall sales strategy. A sales page is a point where user converts in customer. If you fail at this, it means all your traffic acquisition went in vain.

That’s why you need to know how to create a best sales page that every person that lands on your web page feels they are missing the opportunity that is hard to come by.

I will go into each component and discuss how you can improve your sales page to covert maximum users into customers.

Let’s first look at the most critical components:

  1. Short name
  2. Strong 1 Liner
  3. Strong 2 liners. Not more than 2 lines.
  4. A list of why choose you
  5. FOMO
  6. Testimonials
  7. Product video
  8. Free sample
  9. Tell a story

Let me give you some samples according to each industry.

  1. CV

Suppose if your product is selling a CV, how will you go about getting as much customers, as many sales, without spending big on ads? without breaking the budget?

First, let’s talk about what the business is.

Business outline: You create custom CVs for the people who are not pro at it. Regardless of skillset, industry and job title people want. You will make CVs for them.

It’s possible. Let me show you how.

First, understand the following:

A. Customer pain points
B. Amount Customer willing to spend (Customer budget)
C. Time customer have
D. Best format the customer
E. Any post-sale help customer want
F. What brings satisfaction to the customer.
G. Questionnaire (What will you need from customer)

Once you know the above from A to G, only then you can craft an eloquent message to convince to buy from you.

A. Customer Pain Points:

In our scenario, customer have the following pain points.

  1. Don’t know how to make a CV
  2. Don’t know which format of CV to use
  3. Don’t know why they are not able to get a job
  4. Apply on jobs to no avail
  5. Doesn’t get interview calls.
  6. Have less or no experience.
  7. Don’t know where to submit CV.
  8. Don’t know the cover letter to use.
  9. Don’t know who is the decision maker to submit CV to.

B. Customer budget:

Following can tell you how much customer is willing to spend.

  1. Avg. course price
  2. Competitor price
  3. Your hourly rate
  4. Time you will take to make 1 CV

Avg. course price to my calculation is $25, considering all the courses from cheapest to expensive available on the internet.

Competitors are selling CV service from $4 to $150. Lowest in PKR is 3000 ($11), and expensive is 13000($50).

Your hourly rate is $50

You take 50 minutes to create 1 CV.

You can say that you will charge $55 for each CV along with cover letter, thank you note and total of 2 variations and guidebook. You can charge $20 for CV. Remember, you will start writing CVs faster so it will reduce your overall completion time.

C. Time customer have

Most applicants want to start applying on the jobs rightaway. With this assumption you can say that they don’t have more than 48 hours so you should try to provide them with the goods within 48 hours.

D. Best format for the customer

Customer doesn’t know which format is the best. This is your responsibility to tell them. Best is create some articles around the best formats to get you some traffic. Once customers buy from you, you can send them the CV.

Tell me which message is more actionable, example 1 or 2?

  1. I make CVs so you get a job
  2. Get powerful CV from me to get the job.

Definitely, example 2 is more action oriented. It has the word powerful in it. You can expand on this by writing more examples and complete your sales page.


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