Ecommerce Marketing Expert

Ecommerce marketing can make or break your ecommerce business. Therefore, to grow ecommerce sales, you need to get complete grip of multiple marketing channels such as PPC, SEO, Email, Content, Social, Analytics and more.

The real catch is growth marketing. A secret box of strategies that others are yet to hear about.

The magic is the secret ingredient that your competitors doesn’t have and this is what I bring to the table.

Let me pick out different pieces of puzzle for you so you know what we are dealing with here.

  • Website design and optimization (UIUX)
    • UI means User Interface, UX means User experience. Your website design and its optimization deals with the shopping experience. Think of it like a store, when you enter the mart – what kind of environment do you get? The lights, the smell, the prices, big cart etc. Just like how you will shop in an offline store, same way the experience matters when someone is buying online.
    • Website design and optimization ensures that people like going back and forth and putting items in their cart that they want to buy.
    • I deal with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and custom sites to ensure that people enjoy and buy when they are walking down the aisle on your ecommerce store.
  • Brand strategy
    • It is not just about your logo, it’s about the art of story telling, how something intangible feels without touching it. define your target audience, few or all? brand experience, differentiation, brand monitoring and more.
    • If you don’t have it defined already then I help carve the brand strategy that resonates with your customers.
  • Analytics
    • I put it before other because tracking the progress is necessary, if you don’t what’s the foot traffic at your mart or ecommerce website in this case then you wouldn’t be able to increase the traffic.
    • There are many options like Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce and built-in tools in Shopify and WooCommerce that help you track progress and show what’s working well.
    • Basic data is easy but not as much useful as detailed intricate data that takes effort to pull through different means that I can help you extract.
  • Conversion rate optimization
    • If 100 people visit your ecommerce store and only 1 person buys something then 1% is your conversion rate – not too bright, right? That’s why conversion rate optimization is done, it means changing color or buy button to changing the structure of the web page or rewriting the product description again.
  • SEO
    • Goes without saying. On-page, Off-page, Technical, Local, Voice search optimization – it’s organic and free traffic that can keep business running even in rainy days.
  • Social media
    • Facebook, instagram, and sometimes even TikTok, reddit and twitter are also important.
  • Email (re)marketing
    • Email marketing and remarketing for cart dropouts and offers are important. I can take care of tasks like newsletter design, popup forms, data analytics, list building, integration and more.
  • Content marketing (not just text)
    • Videos, images, infographics, tweets – I make sure your game is good. Content marketing has multiple benefits like SEO, conversion rate optimization and more.
  • Ads (PPC/SEM etc)
    • Search ads, remarketing ads (cart dropouts), dynamic ads, banner ads, programmatic advertising, media buying – all are important and in some cases necessary.
  • Pricing strategies
    • There are multiple pricing strategies like bulk, bogo, leader etc. I even have a training program on ecommerce pricing. Contact me so I can tell you more about it.
  • Trust
    • Build it and it will keep business running even in recession.
  • Customer Loyalty
    • There are multiple ways to build customer loyalty. Contact me to know more. 30 minutes are free.

Above is just tip of the ice berg.



You can’t get sales?
Can’t grow your ecommerce business?
No repeat customers?


Exceptional Content
24×7 care and attention
Knowing what customer wants
Tailor-made marketing strategy
Pricing strategy
Product research
Contact for Proposal

Why me?

100+ clients
35000+ students
Tailor-made Strategy
Provable Performance
Complete Customer Support throughout Sales Cycle


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What services do you offer as ecommerce marketing expert?

I offer a diverse range of services, literally nothing is away from the scope of ecommerce marketing.


My services include:

  1. Ecommerce strategy development: I develop ecommerce marketing strategy tailored to your product, audience and goals. 
  2. Ecommerce SEO: Everything from SEO Audit, Keyword research, SEO Copywriting, Technical SEO to get visibility on search engines and drive traffic to increase your sales.
  3. Ads: I research, create and manage PPC campaigns on platforms like Google, Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Bing and more.
  4. Social media marketing: I develop social media marketing strategies to engage and grow the audience on platforms like Facebook, Insta, YouTube, and more.
  5. Conversion rate optimization
  6. Influencer marketing: From finding influencers to getting the best deal. I can take care of it. 
  7. Email marketing: I setup email marketing strategy and run it.
  8. Analytics and reporting: I properly install all the analytics and report the progress.
  9. Ecommerce consulting: I offer strategy consulting to help you navigate challenges, and make informed decisions.

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Can you provide examples of successful ecommerce marketing campaigns you have executed?

I have led and executed 50+ ecommerce marketing strategies that resulted in sales growth for my clients.


A campaign in North America targeting millennial fashion enthusiasts through social media, resulting in a 54% increase in website traffic and 24% increase in sales.


An SEO campaign focused on optimizing product pages and implementing targeted keyword strategies, this gained 50% increase in organic search traffic and 30% increase in conversions over six months consistently. 


I can give a lot of examples, even better, I will give you a free 1 page strategy that you can use through a 30 minute call with me. 

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How do you determine the target audience for an ecommerce website?

There are 3 ways to go about it.

Option 1 is to ask you, then based on our research like studying your product we make the decision.

Option 2 is to know which country, city, industry is best suited.

Option 3 is to run test campaign and see the CPA (cost per acquisition) and conversion rate then double-up on that audience.

Mostly, Option 1 and Option 2 are essential to figure out the initial audience then operational marketing relies on Option 3.

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How do you optimize product pages?

I optimize the following on product pages.

  • A+ Content
  • Copywriting
  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Photos
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Any widgets.

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Do you prefer specific ecommerce platform more than other like WooCommerce over Shopify?

No, there are no specific platforms that I prefer more than other. Reason is, each platform offers different level of complexity, and easiness for different clients. Therefore, I work on all the platforms, regardless of it is WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or any other.

Even though one thing is the final cost will differ for the client in some cases if custom development or integration is required that will most likely be little costly on Shopify.

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What do you use for ecommerce analytics?

I mostly use Google Analytics 4, built-in tools and merge it with BigQuery and Google Data Studio and it pretty much takes care of all the reporting and analysis needs.

For email analysis, I use R and sometimes Excel is also sufficient.

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