Have you missed the NFT boat?

? If you think you have missed the NFT boat ? think again ?
NFT is only beginning ?

It’s full of frenzy ?

NFT is cool but not all the projects ?

I have really seen aggressive marketing and big capital put on NFT ads to get buyers, develop traction ?

It’s not like put on platform like opensea and start getting sales. That’s the best GTM (go to market) process you can imagine ? It’s not like that.

Few reasons of inflated NFTs ⚡
– self posted, self bought (inflated value)
– heavy marketing, paid to influencers (inflated value)
– no utility of NFTs or value for investment, got sales due to ecosystem snowball effect.

Some people earned well through flipping NFTs and exited at correct time or hold long term investment but NFT is still early.

Take it from ‘Utility’, ‘Financial Stability’, ‘Awareness’ aspect. Not like money making scheme.

If you think you missed the boat ? don’t worry, keep close eye on opportunities from valid brands, artists, individuals who are making valid value driven utility based NFTs rolling out soon this will only strengthen your investment. Many many such NFTs will happen.

When I say it’s still early think about one of the famous Adidas NFT launch and buyer was able to bypass to purchase 330 in a single transaction using a custom smart contract instead of two items per person.

That’s why it’s early and lot of transformation is happening.

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Something to notice:

I would like to share all the opinions and aspects in the market.

while we know about the good facts, the not so good facts are also around that will change sooner hopefully.

Ubisoft’s NFT announcement gets more than 95% dislikes on YouTube


Artist work being copied and posted as NFTs


deviant art even have tool to find if someone posted your work.

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