How to buy NFT without Paying Gas Fees

Are you also asking question how to buy NFT? That too at low gas fees or no gas fees? After all, we all know how High is the Gas Fees. Who would pay USD 75 gas fees on USD 5 transaction?

Wait, don’t give up yet.

There’s a solution. That solution is Polygon. also known as MATIC.

Polygon uses the same network as ethereum that too in a way that decreases gas fees, speed up transaction time and make it swift experience for any tech savvy or non tech savvy person.

The Best Platform to Buy, Sell, Trade NFTs is Opensea. Opensea is the biggest NFT platform. It offers multiple cryptocurrencies to make a purchase.

Considering these needs. I have a FULL TRAINING program titled “How to buy NFT on Opensea without paying Gas Fees”

Here’s the Link:

After joining this training: you can:

  1. Create a wallet
  2. Setup and connect your wallet
  3. Transfer polygon/matic coins to your wallet
  4. Swap your coins into wrapped ethereum
  5. Connecting wallet with the opensea
  6. Exploring different NFTs available to purchase
  7. Finding the best NFTs to buy
  8. SECRET filter to find best NFTs that’s going to increase in Value
  9. Buy the NFT
  10. Checking the NFT in your collection
  11. Checking the offers for your NFT
  12. Listing your NFT to sell
  13. Creating your own NFT listing
  14. Buy Professionally to increase your portfolio
  15. Place offers to bid other NFTs
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