Product Marketing Consultant | Chunks or Monthly Retainer

I am doing Product Marketing for 10 years and Fresh Ideas with creativity that expresses what your product does and grow user count is a thing that any product owner will desire. I made this journey easy for you.

Regions I work most:

SouthEast Asia, especially Singapore, Malaysia
Europe and Middle East
North America

What I do for you?

I simplify your product marketing and reach maximum users to sign up.
Let’s take care of:

i) 4 ps of marketing

ii) Customer Persona

iii) Strategy

iv) Measuring performance

There are two levels how I help companies like you:
1) Monthly Retainer
2) Chunks

Monthly retainer means I will work on your product strategy closely with your tech, creative and sales team and fix the structural issues to put you on the correct path.

Chunks means I provide you with the actional info or most important parts. Suppose if product marketing expert does 50 tasks. Considering basic principles 10 tasks are most important. I will do those 10 tasks for you. Take an example of structural flaws, diagnosis, creating media plan, creating strategy.

If you have these chunks you will START GROWING EXPONENTIALLY.

Chunks will save you time, money, while putting you into correct direction.
Monthly retainer will help you make sure you get the results.

Chunks is good if you already have a resource such as digital marketing expert.

Monthly retainer is good if you want to train your staff while making sure you get MAXIMUM users. Take example I work 3 months; In these 3 months, I get your users from 50 to 500, while also creating experts in your own company who work full time for you.

Isn’t it amazing?

Contact me for your Product Marketing. I love making presentations, you will get one also.

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