AIDA SEO for Restaurant

You would know the AIDA already (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Let me show you how to use this framework for restaurant SEO:

If you don’t know what is AIDA, then, to put it simply, it’s a way to get more customers.

I will take you through each A I D and A.

Let’s first talk about “Attention”

Attention: Grab the attention of your potential customers who are searching for restaurants in your area or about your menu or something that you offer and then try to differentiate yourself from competitors that why you should be customers’ first choice.

  • Keywords:
    Use keywords in your website title, headings, content, meta descriptions, even image tags to appear higher in search engine results for relevant searches.
  • Images/Videos:
    Use high-quality, mouth-watering images of your food and restaurant to grab the attention of potential customers.
  • What if I don’t have a website? If you don’t have a website you will be using some other platform, even though not a lot of flexibility but almost everyone offers option to change name, headings, content, offers etc so use that space wisely such as online restaurant directory, pinterest, tumblr, web directory, business directory, Google My Business, Bing Local and so on. Just don’t compromise your brand name for SEO. Yes, you can use keywords to expand but not to over write your brand.If your brand is called ‘Pizza Crisp’ then don’t rename it to your keywords + location like ‘Cheap Pizza South London’, instead you can use your brand around keywords more effectively that doesn’t require you to change the brand name. An example is “Pizza Crisp – Best in South London”. You see, with this example, I used both the brand name as well as your keywords that includes search query and location.

Interest: Let’s talk about interest and how to keep and maximize it.

Once you’ve grabbed their attention, generate their interest in your restaurant and what you have to offer and why you are the best choice for their supper or dinner.

  • Showcase your unique selling points (USP), such as your menu, atmosphere, deals or near-by location or even spacious parking and serenity.
  • Use reviews and testimonials from happy customers to build trust and credibility. You can display it on your website, food platforms, Facebook page, twitter etc. Even a screenshot is helpful.
    • Make sure to use Google My Business and Bing Local, because that’s the first thing people see when they search through Google or Bing search.
  • Share information about your restaurant, such as its history, story, or team, to help customers feel connected to your brand. Pick from Give a feeling (perception) of prestige, fun, or sophistication; whatever your brand represents.

Let’s talk about ‘Desire’.

Desire: Create a desire in potential customers to visit your restaurant, and experience it for themselves or place a takeaway or delivery order with you.

  • Use persuasive or action oriented language to highlight the benefits of visiting your restaurant, such as delicious food, excellent service, or a memorable experience or ordering through delivery app.
  • Use social proof, such as awards, ratings, or certifications, to demonstrate your restaurant’s quality and value.
  • Offer promotions, deals, discounts or specials to encourage customers to take action and book a reservation.

Now, the last ‘Action’

Action: It means to get them to do buy, order or do a transaction.

Encourage potential customers to take action and book a reservation at your restaurant or place an order.

  • Include clear calls-to-action on your website and social media channels, such as “Book Now”, “Make a Reservation”, “Order Now”, “Fast Delivery, Order Now”. Think about the quick and interesting CTAs (Call to actions).
  • Make it easy for customers to find your contact information, location, and hours of operation.
  • Offer online booking options or provide a phone number for customers to call and make a reservation.

By using the AIDA framework for restaurant SEO, you can attract more potential customers, engage them with your brand, and ultimately drive more bookings and reservations.

Once you get the idea of AIDA framework, getting regular customers will become a smooth process and AIDA will become a cycle you will continue using.


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