How to define ICP for B2B Sales Strategy

“How to define an ICP for your B2B Sales Strategy?” If you are asking yourself this question, then you’ve come to the right place.

This really short guide will make it easier for you how to find the best for your specific niche and customer base.

I will not go into too many details but rather a quick panoramic view.

If you don’t know already ICP means Ideal Customer Profile.

The basic idea is that you should know who should you find, contact and convert so your business goals are aligned with the clients including lead qualification, time to convert, total contract value and more.

I’ll paint a generic picture here that should be good to cover wide range of industries, but in the future I am going to cover industry specific ICPs.

Your ICP for B2B should include:

  • Job Title (C-suite, Director, Manager x Department)
  • Industry (sub-industry, niche, department)
  • Gender (maybe needed for some industries)
  • Age (maybe needed for some industries)
  • Authority (does this person have authority)
  • Budget (Do they have a budget)
  • Need (do they really have a need for your product)
  • Timeline (Possible to deliver by you)
  • Currently using (e.g. technology, product)
  • Not from (country, city, state)
  • From (country, city, state)
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Office address
  • Office Phone
  • Mobile Phone

Schedule a free call with me to get your tailor-made ICP advise. I know this guide is short and may not give you exactly what you wanted.


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