AK’s User Acquisition Strategy for SaaS Apps

User Acquisition Strategy for SaaS Apps…

Oh lord, are we discussing this again?

Yes, sure we are.

I don’t know how many articles or books you’ve read, how many videos you’ve watched, and how many hours you’ve spent brain-storming to increase users for your SaaS. I’ll try my best to share some pearls of wisdom with you that will take you far ahead in this marathon.

I didn’t say sprint, I said marathon. What does that relate to? It relates to keep running (and sometimes walking) towards the direction you want to reach. In a marathon, you go through lot of destinations. Passing each destination is equally important.

Memorize 2 Laws:

1 – Law of Innovation

2- Law of Repetition

Both laws are equally important and must be followed. Some people follow them throughout their lives without knowing what they are and without naming them.

Law of Repetition.

It is about repeating the steps that you know will reward you each time you take a dig at it.

This law applies differently on each marketing channel but nevertheless, it is always in action.

SEO repeats steps they know will return results. Social media  expert does their own. Ads expert, and other marketing specialists [the list goes on].

Your responsibility is to ensure that all the steps you are taking are valuable. Don’t keep digging without finding any minerals.

Dig where you know you are getting minerals.

Once you find the best places to dig, then think about scaling the repetition.

Many teams waste time on tasks that return nothing of value. Make sure you don’t follow the same footsteps. Ask your team and experts what they are doing daily every now and then, and correct their steps if you find something not fitting your bill.

For SEO, this law is about finding new keywords, implementing those keywords, writing content, submitting to key websites etc etc. I am not saying your SEO is not awesome, all I am saying is to make sure they don’t go astray without your supervision.

Your goal is to make sure law of repetition is being followed in the right direction, once you find it’s in the right direction, then you try to make that process faster, easier and get the bigger fruit every time at the end of each exercise.

Law of Innovation.

The exercise of innovation is sometimes more important than repetition.

It’s easier to repeat things, every expert of xyz marketing channel can do this, but what takes a real genius is to differentiate between innovation and repetition.

This genius (could be you) will be solely focused on innovating marketing strategy, from top of the funnel till the closing, everything.

This person will innovate and present (train) your experts on what to do next.

If you think I gave very surface level details, and you want nitty-gritty, then schedule a call with me. Don’t worry, it’s free.

Think growth hacking, performance marketing, monthly report with suggestions – think along these lines and you’ll have multiple recipes.

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