Will SEO be dead after ChatGPT, and other AI?

Will SEO be dead? This question has been around for a long time, long before ChatGPT and other such AI advancements.

This is an interesting but a very critical question.

Why critical? Because livelihoods of lot of people depend on this.

What do you mean livelihoods?

Yes, it’s not just about the SEO experts but those who invested a lot in content, their time, efforts and business depends on search engines.

Who is (should be) worried about this is Google.

So, today, I’ll get a jab at this question. It will be based on logic, and human nature. I will drop some probabilities but logic and human nature, psychology, how humans do things will be a main part of this answer.

#1 – Google search has all the websites indexed and appear upon 1 quick search. The unique part here is the unique domains and landing pages where each person is taken to read the information. So far, it doesn’t happen with GPT even though AI by Google and Bing have this option.

#2 – It is most likely that OpenAI ChatGPT will win this race 3 years down. Or if they stick to paid subscription model then free tier (not ads free) will take up large chunk of the audience.

#3 – OpenAI will start mentioning names, domains and URLs whenever it hits real time or most recent form as part of its greater campaign, you can attribute it to monetization, legitimacy, censorship free info and other.

#4 – People still do shopping through Google and it will not change unless big update happens in GPT.

Who is more at risk?

I think informative websites are at huge risk.

Short answer = SEO will never be dead but will change its shape and form, so you need to be a fast adapter. Any way the wind turns so should your ship.


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