How to build a High Performance Marketing Team? 11 Points.

“How to build a High Performance Marketing Team”, Have you been asking yourself this question? I hope I am able to answer it through this guide.

Building high performance marketing team is among my favorite topics to discuss and share my ideas.

Throughout my career, I’ve come across, built and dealt with marketing team of all sizes for multitude of goals and business models.

Through this read, you will get divine revelation about building a marketing team that will hit those numbers you so dearly love.

First, let’s dissect what is a high performance marketing team?

Performance is whatever you define as your KPI (key-performance indicators), OKR (objectives and key results), goals.

Performance could be sales, leads, downloads, plays, in-app purchases and dozen of other things.

What’s important here is to understand that small performance leads to bigger performances.

Think like this, small performance is a micro win. Lot of micro wins will get you one big shiny win. These micro wins are important to achieve.

Now, enough with the philosophical lecture, let’s get into the real stuff.

1- Hiring right people

Easy to say, but it needs a real talented person to find diamond in the dirt. Anyone can pay big price to hire the ones who appear shiny, but it’s difficult to pay reasonable price to hire someone who is trustable, smart and hard working individual.

2- Leadership traits

Lead from the front. Be kind, share your wisdom.

3- Moving fast

Even though Confucius said, “it doesn’t matter how slow you go unless you don’t stop”, but it doesn’t always work like that, what it’s saying is that go but don’t lose momentum. You need to move fast, but make sure that you are not running in the wrong direction.

4- Bad news first

Build a culture of sharing bad news first, that it’s okay to fail. Many times, some bad bug can go under the rug and after some time that rug will be pulled from down under so it’ll be more costly than. Let your people know they are brilliant and it’s okay if something goes wrong.

5- Avoiding band wagon

Again, don’t run in the wrong direction for very very short term gain. Put simple logic to use and go after what will matter in the long run.

6- Give autonomy

Enable your marketers by giving them freedom.

7- Share right tools

Not saying to give all the expensive tools but work with them what they exactly need, ask them for suggestions, then buy for them. You can even tell them you will use tools in a testing phase and performance will decide if you will keep those tools or retire them.

8- Share the vision

If you are building a baseball game, or a CRM for big sales company or whatever, share your vision, let people know what you see in 1 year or 10 year. Give them a reason to work everyday and keep moving forward. You need to paint the picture of the vision that is mutual and respected.

9- Culture

It’s not always about building the culture, sometimes it’s about respecting people’s internal individual traits and you try to make yourself more comfortable with them. Make no exception for delivering on time, gratitude and being on time. Other than that, it doesn’t matter if they dress differently than you or whatever individual traits they have.

10- Handful of rules / play by them

Create a fixed set of rules that you can easily put on a single paper based on few points. Tell people, these are the rules, and they need to play under those guidelines. They will have autonomy to do anything but without breaking the rules.

11- Don’t chase the tail

Don’t try to make lot of progress and get no where.

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