What questions should I ask a restaurant marketing agency?

If you want to hire a restaurant marketing agency, then following this list will help you hiring the right person/team for the job.

First give them all necessary information, including:

  • Your menu with prices
  • Your specialty (some dishes, ambience etc)
  • Your audience (all, high paying customers, students, families)
  • Your goals (e.g. total daily customers, your future plans)
  • Your branches (1 or many, or side business)

Then ask following questions:

  • What are your expertise? E.g. is it only social media, SEO, online advertising, offline advertising.
  • What’s your restaurant or other marketing portfolio?
  • How many customers can you get for x monthly budget?
  • What is your creative strategy no one is using.
  • Can you share basic marketing strategy (pointers) before you hire them? (Many companies won’t provide full plan but usually enough to make you sign on that line and hire them)
  • What’s the monthly budget you will need other than consultancy fees e.g. advertising etc costs.
  • Are you experienced with YouTube or influencer marketing?
  • What are the KPIs and performance metrics you will look at to measure the performance.
  • Can you give a minimum timeline to measure success?
  • What do you need from me? E.g. fb access, menu, logo, branding kit etc

Basically these questions are enough to measure the outcome and it will also take discussion to other important matters to finalize the details before you hire them.

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