How to increase your SEO traffic in just 30 days?

Are you trying to increase your website traffic through SEO in next 30 days?

Let me give you instructions.

I’ll try to make it short for you.


Day#1. Keyword research. Competitor research. Breakdown keywords in primary, secondary and longtail in excel or spreadsheet.


Day#2. After you have got the keyword priority list in primary, secondary and longtail keywords then start preparing the content and complete it.


Day#3. Implement Google Search console (GSC), Bing webmaster, Google My Business, Bing Places, Google Analytics (GA4), Google Tag Manager.


Day#4. Implement content on your website keeping in view TF-IDF this includes key content pages, articles, FAQs etc.


Day#5. Perform onpage SEO e.g. title, meta description, search snippets, XML sitemap, header, footer, no follow outgoing links where required, check no broken links, check canonization, check SSL.

Day#6. Check website speed, check mobile compatibility, enable AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).


Day#7. Submit to 200 free web directories, preferably with dofollow outgoing link


Day#8. Sign up on community forums preferably with dofollow links and create posts about how you help your clients. Anything that your potential clients are searching about as a hook to land on your website and find on the search engin


Day#9. Create accounts on website like SlideShare, and post presentation from your industry or by your company as a hoo


Day#10. Create accounts on infographic websites and post infographics, make sure your profile and infographic contains your websit


Day#11. Start posting on reddit. Make sure your profile contains your websit


Day#12. Post on Facebook groups with your website in the post or your profile. Think about a small hook or something free to drive to your website.

Day#13. Create accounts on free article websites and write articles.


Day#14. Post articles on free article website


Day#15. Contact premium article websites or blogs and ask them to collaborate on articles id they can post your content with your websit


Day#16. Submit or post to premium article websites and blo


Day#17. Start commenting with helpful natural comments with hook to your website or profil


Day#18. Repeat day17 on websites like YouTube, Reddit, community forums et


Day#19. Create mobile presentation and submit it to LinkedIn SlideShare and other website


Day#20. Create a Twitter thread with hook to your website.


Day#21. Create small training program and submit to your website or other websites with hook on profile or description.



Day#22. Sign up on websites like g2, capterra, clutch etc.

Day#23. Post your company profile on websites you signed up on day 22.


Day#24. Post video on your YouTube and vimeo with website in the description.


Day#25. Post on reddit and Twitter thread post


Day#26. Do commenting on all major websites. Leave helpful comments with the hook.


Day#27. Write a PDF guide.


Day#28. Post PDF of on all major PDF websites


Day#29. Create community forum accounts with your relevancy like stack overflow for developer and whatever is relevant to your business.


Day#30. Post on websites you signed up on day 29.

Defined above is a holistic SEO strategy to utilize overall web to drive traffic to your website via direct search results, indirect search results and on platform traffic.

Hope it helps.

I am available if you need more guidance.

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