Secret BANT SEO Strategy No-one is using

BANT SEO Strategy. Have you heard about it before? I bet you didn’t. Unless you are reading this article after a long time and many others have broadcasted it already.

BANT is mostly used in sales, but you can also implement it in the SEO realm.

What is BANT?

B = Budget

A = Authority

N = Need

T = Timeline

You might already be using some of this SEO strategy of BANT but might not know it already.

Well, after this, you will.

In a sales funnel, BANT is used to confirm whether the lead qualifies to go to the next level.

First BD or sales consultant confirms they have the potential customer’s budget, authority to make decision, need for the product or service, and timeline that aligns with the vendor.

Let’s put the BANT methodology into SEO.

Can you? Really?


Start with budget.

You need to attract the right clients who have the budget.

Create content around titles like:

  • Which product is best under X budget?
  • How much X costs annually?

Think about any possible content that relates with the price, budget and costs, then go on start creating content around it: be it on blog, pricing page, FAQs, knowledgebase, or anywhere else. It could be text, video, infographic and anything else.


Move to those authority.

Okay, traffic is good, but if all you attract are people who will never become your customers then it means you need to attract people who call the shots and move cards.

Create content around alluring the people who have authority, people who fall into your ICP (ideal customer profile).

If your customers are in the b2b, specifically those holding c-suite of information technology. Then, you will create content around titles like e.g. Best Tools for [industry] [job title] like “Best Tools for [manufacturing] [CTOs]”.


Now, you want to target as many people with needs as possible.

Create content around terms like e.g. Who have the best [use case] like “Who have the best video editor for instagram”.

Imagine and research many other titles and keywords like these.


Now, you want to target as many people with needs as possible.

Create content around terms like e.g. Fastest [use case] like “Fastest Android Video Editor”.

Good thing to know:

At the end of this exercise, you will have tons of keywords, titles and ideas to create just about any content for BANT SEO.

When someone will fall into the leads through BANT methodology, your hose will be bigger and these leads will be vetted to drive the maximum ROI.


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