What’s the SEO user journey, 5 examples | Let’s understand (Explainer Video)

If you are starting doing SEO Optimization for your website, then it’s not about starting from keyword research; there are few initial steps that you need take. These steps are: 1- User Intent 2- User Journey If you Understand it Well. Then you are on the Good Path to move your SEO strategy to the […]

10 Essential WordPress SEO Success Principles

For being the most popular open-source CMS on the web it’s critical as a web developer and online marketing expert to understand how WordPress SEO works. This essential WordPress SEO Success principles presentation contains all the must-to-have knowledge about SEO and WordPress that you should know to get the best results and build the foundation […]

9 Essential WordPress On-page SEO Principles and Factors

This short essential guide contains all the important On-page SEO success factors and principles that you should know in order to get your website rankings up. It covers all the must-to-have aspects of your WordPress website such as content, Google search console, interlinking etc 9 WordPress On-page SEO Success Principles and Factors from Abdullah Khan