Struggling to get sales? Try concentrated marketing

Are you a small company struggling to get customers?

Try ‘concentrated marketing’.

Why approach all, when few works better

Concentrated marketing is focused on small and few defined segments or user personas instead of all the audience segments.

It comes with few advantages such as easy reach, expanding on the marketing creative and inventory easily.

You can achieve strong market position through ‘concentrated marketing’.

Concentrated marketing is effective for small companies with small budget and limited resources but get long term customer acquisition funnel possible making your ROI sustainable.

I’ll give you an example
Suppose you run a web hosting company. You sell online space for others to host their websites.

Instead of driving strategy via keywords like ‘web hosting package’ that is much more broad falls into all the industries. Focus on more concentrated approach such as ‘wordpress web hosting’, or ‘ecommerce web hosting’.

This will make it cheaper to reach these user segments. The keywords/reach will be cheaper and longtail (e.g. 5 phrase, smaller more higher conversion audience).

This over the top concentrated marketing strategy will define next steps, whether you’re doing SEO, Paid Ads, Email, Content Marketing.

Another small example would be, instead of writing articles for ‘best web hosting’, write for ‘best ecommerce hosting’, ‘magento ecommerce hosting options for fast website’. post on your blog as well as external sites/social media.

This results in higher conversion rates and cheaper user acquisition and more sustainable.

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